Northern Maine
Snowmobile Storage & Valet

The Sled Shed is a 64-sled storage facility that takes convenience to the whole next level.

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Snowflake = $900

The most basic package, this is a flat rate for snowmobile storage rate for the full year. Coordinating for the sleds to be picked up on premises will be arranged before arrival.

Snowfall = $1,500

This package includes 3 sled-valeted trips of your sleds to where you will be staying. Anything within a 60-mile radius from the Sled Shed.

Snowstorm = $2,100

This package will be unlimited sled-valeted trips during the season’s 16 – 19 week snowmobiling season.

Snowmelt = $200-400 (Call for Pricing)

Needing more room or space in your garage or shed for the summer months. Let us make that happen. We can pick up your snowmobile and store it at The Sled Shed for the summer. This package is ideal for creating more summer fun in your garage for the summer months or even saving your snowmobile from being a lawn or tree ornament.

Snowshoe = Call for Pricing

We do offer this package option from time to time, for the riders that want to leave their trailers on The Sled Shed property for the season. Price will be dependent on variables, such as trailer size, and how many units inside the trailer, and how much snow removal and shoveling will have to be done around it for the season.

Dirt Toys = $200-400 (Call for Pricing)

For UTV Side by Sides and ATVs. We store these for the winter months out of Winter's elements. We can also pick up and deliver as well. Price will be dependent on variables, such as size, distance to pick up and deliver, etc.

Motorcycles = $200-400 (Call for Pricing)

Winter storage for your sweet summer ride.

Trailering = Starting at $1.55/Mile

Specialty cargoing, pick up, or delivery


A little northern Maine company that wants to connect everyone, everywhere; while treating your sleds with care. Our mission is to create an exceptional convenience for the #1 Maine sport of Snowmobiling in Northern Maine. It is amazing to see many snow riders that travel up to Northern Maine… But almost 100% of the time they travel their equipment back and forth from home, to north, and then back south again. That’s why we say, why not make Northern Maine a permanent home-away-from-home for your sleds?!

What We Do:

The Sled Shed is a 64-sled storage facility that takes convenience to the whole next level. Not only is it a safe nest for your sled, we also will bring your sleds to wherever you will be staying up here in Northern Maine… to wherever your accommodations are. Depending on the package level, we will bring your sled, ready to ride, and then pick them back up at the end of your stay. Instead of spending more on gas when trailering, you’ll have more for trail riding! No more trailering back and forth, no more wear and tear on vehicles or towing equipment, it will be more carpooling more often!

Coordinating with the Sled Shed will be a normal part of the process. Letting us know (emailing preferred) on what day you will be arriving and where, next we schedule for your sled(s) to be there when you land, and be picked when you leave! * We will also coordinate and work with all local dealers for any service work needed to your sleds. If your sled needs service work, we can work on scheduling that on our time, not yours! You come here to ride, not have your sled worked on while you see your buddies or family rack up miles on the trails while riding without you!
*Each time your sled will be returned to the Sled Shed, they will be cleaned before storing.

About Us:

We are Northern Maine people that grew up here and always knew this was home. I have always wanted to find a way to contribute to my community, to the St. John Valley, and Northern Maine and find a way to connect and gather people to it. My wife and I purchased this historical compound, to what was once known as the Louis Gagnon Hardware Store. My wife’s hair salon was converted into the old storefront, but the Lumber shed had some huge potential, so what better way to connect and unite people, services needed, and the great winter sport of snowmobiling?!
So, we decided to create the Sled Shed!!

And now, we are just a little family-owned business located in Frenchville, ME. Being from up here, one of our biggest life skills is Networking. And connecting everyone to what we call home is what we all like to do. We are honest, hardworking, reliable people, where family also means the most to us. Our doors are always open for visitors! And we are proud of who we are and where we are from, and proud to say that we stand for our flag and kneel for our cross.
From my family to yours, come visit, ride safe, and ride often! Happy Trails!



407 Main St, US Route 1
Frenchville, ME 04745
(207) 316-4912
Located in the heart of Snowmobile Country. On ITS 85. Minutes away from Paul’s Gas, Roy’s Variety, and Lakeview Restaurant. Click for Map

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